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1 Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 627 East 187 th Street, Bronx, New York T: (718) F: (718) PARISH STAFF Sunday, May 20, 2018 Pentecost Sunday (Year B) Pastor Rev. Fr. Jonathan Morris Parochial Vicar Rev. Fr. Israel K. Boadi Coordinator of Religious Education Sister Edna Loquias, S.M.C. Business Manager Esteban Perez Parish Secretary Elizabeth Mannini Music Director & Organist Dr. Stephen Rapp Youth Minister Jesus Vargas Cantor Bilen Eminov School Principal Ms. Valerie Savino PARISH CENTER 2380 Belmont Avenue Bronx, NY Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST Saturday: 8:30am 12:00pm (Both English) Saturday Evening: 5:00pm (Vigil Mass - English) Sunday: 8:30am (English) 9:30am (Spanish) 11:00am (Italian) 12:15pm (English) 1:30pm (Spanish) Weekday: 8:30am / 12:00pm / 6:30pm (All English) RITE OF RECONCILIATION Saturdays 4:00pm to 5:00pm or any time by calling the Parish Office. RITE OF BAPTISM 2 nd Sunday of every month in Spanish at 2:30pm 3 rd Sunday every other month in English at 2:30pm Attendance at Pre - Baptism Class is required. Please stop by the Parish Center to register or call for more information. RITE OF MATRIMONY Wedding dates may be scheduled after initial meeting with a priest. PASTORAL VISITS TO THE SICK If you or someone you know is in the hospital or homebound and would be served by a pastoral visit by a Priest, Religious Sister or a lay Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, please contact the Parish Center. NEW PARISHIONERS We invite new parishioners to register at the Parish Center. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM For information please call Sr. Edna at the Parish Office at (718) MOUNT CARMEL SCHOOL 2465 Bathgate Avenue Please contact the School Office at (718)

2 May 20, 2018 CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL 2 ANNOUNCED MASSES Sunday, May 20 th Pentecost Sunday 8:30am Rita & Victoria Ippolito 9:30am Pro Populo 11:00am Giovanni Trombetta 12:15pm Nicola De Benedictis 1:30pm Novenario del Dia de las Madres Monday, May 21 st Mary, Mother of the Church 8:30am Mother s Day Novena 12:00pm Giovanni Trombetta 6:30pm Michael Greco Tuesday, May 22 nd Weekday; St. Rita of Cascia 8:30am Marie De Dominicis & Family 12:00pm Angelo & Dusolina Michilli 6:30pm Elena Cuomo Wednesday, May 23 rd Weekday 8:30am Lucy Madison 12:00pm Silvestro Pietroluongo 6:30pm Carl Di Mucci Thursday, May 24 th Weekday 8:30am Mario & Erma Borgatti 12:00pm Aniello & Giuseppe Franco 6:30pm Frances & Nicholas Longo; Christine & Thomas Covino, Jennie Salce, Frank Pappas Friday, May 25 th Weekday; St. Bede the Venerable; St. Gregory VII, Pope, St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi 8:30am Deceased Parents & Benefactors of the Sisters 12:00pm Raffaela, Giuseppe & Donato Danzi 6:30pm Antoinette & Anthony Florio Saturday, May 26 th St. Philip Neri 8:30am Deceased of the Contento Family 12:00pm Robert Costanzo 5:00pm Francisca Miranda Sunday, May 27 th The Most Holy Trinity 8:30am Deceased Chaplains & Members CWV Msgr. Caffuzzi Post 371 9:30am Pro Populo 11:00am Salvatore Guzzi, Saveria, Giuseppe ed Innocenza Pullano e Nonni 12:15pm Joseph Blandino 1:30pm Sebastian Gaspar Arista + REST IN PEACE + Please pray for Bro. Gilbert Pretto, CSC, & all the faithful departed WEEKEND MASSES - 5/13/18 Collection...$4, Last year s collection...$4, WEEKEND ATTENDANCE - 5/13/18 Adults:. 797 Children: 238 Total: 1,035 From the Desk of Father Jonathan This coming Monday, May 21st, we will celebrate a new Marian Feast, titled, "Mary, Mother of the Church", or in Latin "Maria, Mater Ecclesiae". This new celebration will be celebrated throughout the world every year on the Monday after Pentecost. I encourage you to read Cardinal Dolan's article in the most recent issue of Catholic New York (available in the back of the church) about why Pope Francis has added this feast day to the Church's universal calendar. Of course, Our Lady has always been the mother of the Church, but now we will officially honor her under this title. I encourage you to begin to refer to Our Lady by this title in your daily prayers as a way to unite yourself to our Holy Father's leadership. Personally, I am going to end my daily rosary with this petition, "Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for me and for all of your children. Amen". Changing topics, this weekend you will see outside the church a board with all of the names of people who have agreed to pray and keep vigil in our parish. Remember that the goal is to have one or more parishioners in the church praying at all times from 7:30am - 6:30pm to pray for our parish and neighborhood and to keep watch over the security of the church. We will try this for one month, beginning on Monday, June 4th. At the end of the month, we will decide whether to make this a permanent ministry. Please stop by the board and fill-in open slots. Ideally, we will have at least two people in the church praying at all times. I know it is not easy to commit to a particular time each week, but this is the only way we can assure this type of vigilance we need. I can assure you that this simple commitment will be a major blessing in your life and for your families. Finally, allow me to welcome back to our parish, Fr. Francesco Citarda, S.J., who will be staying at our rectory until the middle of July. He will be doing academic research in these weeks, but will also help us with the Italian mass on weekends and some English masses during the week. Please introduce yourselves to him when you see him! He is a wonderful priest, a wonderful man. God bless, Father Jonathan

3 May 20, 2018 CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL 3 ALL ARE SENT Fifty days after Easter Sunday we celebrate the fulfillment of all God s promises in the feast of Pentecost, a feast that has sometimes been called the birthday of the church. One last time we are reminded that we Christians have received the Holy Spirit, not for our own benefit, but to enable us to follow our Christian vocation. The centerpiece of the scriptures for Pentecost is the account in Acts of the Apostles of the sending of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. The other readings for this Sunday help us to understand what it means to live out our Christian vocation. Paul s letter shows us the gifts and fruits that the Holy Spirit gives to us. John s Gospel reminds us that Jesus has sent all his disciples to share his forgiveness and peace, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Copyright J. S. Paluch Co., Inc. Congratulations & all the children who received Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist for the first time this past Saturday May they always receive Him with a pure heart TUTTI SONO INVIATI Lo Spirito Santo è lo Spirito di Cristo ed è la Persona divina che diffonde nel mondo la possibilità di imitare Cristo, dando Cristo al mondo e facendolo vivere in noi. Nell insegnamento e nell opera di Cristo, nulla è più essenziale del perdono. Egli ha proclamato il regno futuro del Padre come regno dell amore misericordioso. Sulla croce, col suo sacrificio perfetto, ha espiato i nostri peccati, facendo così trionfare la misericordia e l amore mediante - e non contro - la giustizia e l ordine. Nella sua vittoria pasquale, egli ha portato a compimento ogni cosa. Per questo il Padre si compiace di effondere, per mezzo del Figlio, lo Spirito di perdono. Nella Chiesa degli apostoli il perdono viene offerto attraverso i sacramenti del battesimo e della riconciliazione e nei gesti della vita cristiana. Dio ha conferito al suo popolo una grande autorità stabilendo che la salvezza fosse concessa agli uomini per mezzo della Chiesa! Ma questa autorità, per essere conforme al senso della Pentecoste, deve sempre essere esercitata con misericordiae con gioia, che sono le caratteristiche di Cristo, che ha sofferto ed è risorto, e che esulta eternamente nello Spirito Santo. Rosary with Our Lady May Paolina Kajtazi 585 E 189th Street May Notre Dame Residence 660 E 183rd Street TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION The disciples gathered on the fiftieth day after the Resurrection were not keeping their first Pentecost. For them, Pentecost was the fiftieth day after Passover, a feast of the first fruits of the harvest. It was the second most important feast of the year. Today, Jews gather on the eve of the feast to study scripture and the law, and after the feast begins at sundown, spend the day in joyful social gatherings. The meaning of the celebration is the giving of the law on Mount Sinai, so for Christians the connection to the gifts of the Holy Spirit is obvious. In Sicily and in the Pantheon in Rome, today the descent of the Holy Spirit is enacted with a stunning ritual. Some churches there have an eye in the roof open to the sky, called an oculus. After the Gospel today, thousands of rose petals fall from the oculus onto the assembly. Churches and homes are decked in greenery and flowers to express the new life the Holy Spirit brings on this, the birthday of the church. Rev. James Field, Copyright J. S. Paluch Co. Volunteer! Feast of St. Anthony June 13th - 17th - Please contact the office - St. Anthony s Bread May 22 nd In Loving Memory of Angelina Marino From children, Carmine & Rose THIS WEEK S MEMORIALS Sanctuary Lamp In Loving Memory of Edmund Marcone & Deceased Family Members From Nephew, Joseph Lupo

4 TODOS SON ENVIADOS Cincuenta días después del Domingo de Pascua, celebramos el cumplimiento de todas las promesas de Dios en el Domingo de Pentecostés, una celebración a la que muchas veces se ha llamado el cumpleaños de la Iglesia. Se nos recuerda otra vez más que los cristianos hemos recibido el Espíritu Santo, no para beneficio personal sino para permitirnos seguir nuestra vocación cristiana. El eje de las lecturas para Pentecostés es el relato en los Hechos de los Apóstoles, cuando el Espíritu Santo es enviado a los discípulos. Las demás lecturas para este domingo nos ayudan a comprender qué significa vivir nuestra vocación cristiana. La carta del apóstol san Pablo nos muestra los dones y frutos que el Espíritu Santo nos concede. El Evangelio según san Juan nos recuerda que Jesús ha enviado a todos sus discípulos para que compartan su perdón y paz, por el poder del Espíritu Santo. Copyright J. S. Paluch Co., Inc. TRADICIONES DE NUESTRA FE Algunos expertos han comentantado que los latinos y las latinas somos muy atraídos por movimientos carismáticos o pentecostales. Esto puede ser debido a los misioneros franciscanos que fundaron la Iglesia en América durante el siglo XVI. Probablemente sin conocer su origen estos llegaron con ideas milenaristas de un abad cisterciense llamado Joaquín de Fiore. Este monje había profetizado que estaba por llegar una época del Espíritu Santo en la cual se viviría por fin una utopía o sea el Reino de Dios. Muchos de los primeros franciscanos adoptaron sus ideas pero lamentablemente el joaquinismo, poco a poco, se transformó en herejía por su extremada crítica a los Sacramentos y la jerarquía. Al pasar de casi 3 siglos los frailes franciscanos que llegaron a nuestro continente vinieron con la idea de inaugurar la Iglesia del Espíritu Santo, la cual reformaría los errores y las debilidades de la vieja Iglesia Europea. Esta Iglesia también sería la que defendería al nativo y el mestizo de los abusos del Conquistador. Este sueño de utopía, se quedó en sueño pero, es un sueño que continua en el pueblo latino y su devoción al Espíritu Santo de la Santísima Trinidad. Fray Gilberto Cavazos-Glz, OFM, Copyright J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.

5 5:00pm 8:30am 9:30am 11:00am 12:15pm 1:30pm Lectors for May 26 th & 27 th V. Vera & F. Spano A. Zervos & N. Watson M. Gonzalez R. Bizzarro & C. Bizzarro B. Kajtazi & M. Gerbasi L. & D. Almiron ST. MARTIN OF TOURS PARISH BUS TRIP TO FOXWOODS This Saturday, May 26 th $40 - includes buffet lunch, and $10 casino coupon Bus leaves 9:00am sharp Boarding begins at 8:30am Call for reservations READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Jas 3:13-18; Ps 19:8-10, 15; Mk 9:14-29 Tuesday: Jas 4:1-10; Ps 55:7-11a, 23; Mk 9:30-37 Wednesday: Jas 4:13-17; Ps 49:2-3, 6-11; Mk 9:38-40 Thursday: Jas 5:1-6; Ps 49:14-20; Mk 9:41-50 Friday: Jas 5:9-12; Ps 103:1-4, 8-9, 11-12; Mk 10:1-12 Saturday: Jas 5:13-20; Ps 141:1-3, 8; Mk 10:13-16 Sunday: Dt 4:32-34, 39-40; Ps 33:4-6, 9, 18-20, 22; Rom 8:14-17; Mt 28:16-20 A Night in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue (Proceeds to benefit 27 Elementary Schools In the Bronx Catholic School Regions) This Wednesday, May 23rd Arthur Avenue Retail Market Honoring: David Greco Jerome Raguso Sister Marguerite Torre *With special guest Joe Torre* + For information: Or call

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